Animal Kingdom – DNAP

#animalkingdomdnap Tambojangin 4.5km

Just ten minutes from the highway, the Animal Kingdom – DNAP in Tambojangin, Amlan beckons you to come and experience all the park has to offer.  The Nature Park features two sections:  the Bahay Kubo—a showcase of best practices in agriculture, and the engaging Animal Kingdom. Doubling as a rescue and conservation center, the Animal Kingdom is home to a collection of endemic and exotic wildlife.  There are so many activities for families, students, and all young at heart.


At the Animal Kingdom, you can cuddle a lovebird while feeding it out of your hand; have a chicken dinner and a conversation with a Philippine saltwater crocodile as you feed it via a rod with chicken on a string—don’t forget to tell him about your day; and let’s not forget our curious albino python, who will give you a loving hug if you hang him round your shoulders.


If you still want more then stay for snacks and the animal parade later in the day. 


Adventure Park (CLOSED – will reopen soon)

Adventure Park – #adventurepark   Tambojangin 3.8km

The Adventure Park features the muscle-stretching Aerial Walk rope course– if you’re not afraid of heights, we dare you to try it.  Push your limits, face your fears, strengthen your self-confidence and problem solving skills  with this thrilling activity. 

After successfully conquering the Aerial Walk, splash around and refresh yourself by River Tubing on the crystal-clear Amlan River. The park is open from 9am to 5pm, everyday; however, early birds’ get the worm as well as have the most fun—it takes at least two hours to soak in the park’s many wonderful experiences. More adventure rides are in the pipeline to make your visit all the more worthwhile.  See you soon!

How to get there:  Take Poblacion-Tambojangin Road (Amlan Municipal Hall crossing) and follow it for approximately 3.5km.  You know you’re close when the road makes a sharp left ascent in Dao.  Go up and follow the sign to to the Adventure Park. (closed due to ongoing renovations)

Admission:      P100.00 Adult             60.00   Child

Lantawan Amlan

Lantawan Amlan #lantawanamlan   Jantianon   18km

The summit provides an amazingly unobstructed view of Amlan, the nearby towns, as well as  Tanon Strait and Sulu Sea, and is a great refuge during the hot and muggy Philippine summer.  Overnight stays are recommended as once can witness both sunrise and sunset on both sides of Negros island.

Lantawan Amlan’s summit is at 1101 meters above sea level
At the summit

Asupri sa Maiti

Asupri sa Maiti   #asuprisamaiti   Jantianon   20.9km

The aquamarine water of the lagoon is enticingly beautiful and a jump from several points off the sulfur cliffs is a must-try for those looking for something different.  Nearby attractions, like the eerie Benguet Mining Tunnel and the calming pool of the Twin Falls, complete the day’s visit. Dont be confused, guest will register at Ling-ab, San Miguel Tanjay City and will have to walk for 1.5km, cross the municipal boundary and back into Sitio Maiti in, Jantianon Amlan where the asupri is located.

The soothing aquamarine lagoon of the Asupri.
Crystal-clear waters flow from one of the sulfur rock openings.

Tandayag Marine Sanctuary

Tandayag Marine Sanctuary   #tandayagmarinesanctuary  Tandayag  2.4km

Dive into the world of lionfish, stonefish, sea snakes catfish and more at the 6.58 hectare reserve just meters off the coastline. The sanctuary has been rated one of Tanon Strait’s best.  For beginners, snorkel sets can be rented out for a nominal fee.

A lot of fish species depend on corals for food and habitat
tandayag marine sanctuary
Coral limestones mark the shoreline of the reserve
A branching coral
Coral reefs are often called the rainforest of the sea

Amlan Pasalan

Amlan Pasalan #amlanpasalan Silab  16.51km


Majestic and captivating – the proud Amlan Pasalan

Get in a wetsuit, put on a climbing harness for a day of canyoning and feel the rush of pure adrenaline. Or you can spend lounging around and getting soak from the fall’s spray.  The area also has natural pools for a cold dip.


Amlan River on its mad dash downstream

Naparil – Cantalina Falls

Cantalina Falls and Naparil   #cantalinafalls  #naparil   Silab 9.66km

Another hidden gem in the ridges of Silab, this falls is the most accessible from among the many falls the town has. And for those who wish to jump off from a cliff into the deep plunge pool, be wary.  It also boasts an array of swimming lagoons, both shallow and deep that can cater to small and large groups.


Jantianon Tri-Falls: Divine, Paphaan, Paphaun Falls

Divine Falls

First stop of the three falls in Jantianon Highlands on the way to Lantawan Amlan, the town’s highest peak.

divine falls
Divine Falls

Paphaan Falls

Not to be confused with the higher Paphaun Falls, Paphaan does offer some adventure activities on its own.

paphaan falls small
Paphaan Falls

Paphaun Falls

The most inaccessible of the three falls, Paphaun is as serene and majestic as it can get.

wacky shot
Paphaun Falls