Adventure Park – DNAP 

#adventureparkdnap   Tambojangin 3.8km

The Adventure Park features the muscle-stretching Aerial Walk rope course– if you’re not afraid of heights, we dare you to try it.  Push your limits, face your fears, strengthen your self-confidence and problem solving skills  with this thrilling activity.  After successfully conquering the Aerial Walk, splash around and refresh yourself by River Tubing on the crystal-clear Amlan River. The park is open from 9am to 5pm, everyday; however, early birds’ get the worm as well as have the most fun—it takes at least two hours to soak in the park’s many wonderful experiences. More adventure rides are in the pipeline to make your visit all the more worthwhile.  See you soon!

How to get there:  Take Poblacion-Tambojangin Road (Amlan Municipal Hall crossing) and follow it for approximately 3.5km.  You know you’re close when the road makes a sharp left ascent.  Go up and follow the sign to ARNAP.

Admission:      P100.00 Adult             60.00   Child

Don’t let acrophobia get in the way of your adventure
Safety briefing before getting wet in Amlan River.
It’s slow and easy at the start of the river tubing adventure
Hold tight, don’t break the chain

Animal Kingdom – DNAP 

#animalkingdomdnap   Tambojangin 4.5km

Just ten minutes from the highway, the Animal Kingdom – DNAP in Tambojangin, Amlan beckons you to come and experience all the park has to offer.  The Nature Park features two sections:  the Bahay Kubo—a showcase of best practices in agriculture, and the engaging Animal Kingdom. Doubling as a rescue and conservation center, the Animal Kingdom is home to a collection of endemic and exotic wildlife.  There are so many activities for families, students, and all young at heart.

Lovebirds are small parrots, belonging to the taxonomic genus Agapornis. All of the species form strong, monogamous pair bonds and generally mate for life.

At the Animal Kingdom, you can cuddle a lovebird while feeding it out of your hand; have a chicken dinner and a conversation with a Philippine saltwater crocodile as you feed it via a rod with chicken on a string—don’t forget to tell him about your day; and let’s not forget our curious albino python, who will give you a loving hug if you hang him round your shoulders.

In the Philippines, saltwater crocodiles are now very rare and the species is locally extinct from most locations where it historically occurred.

If you still want more then stay for snacks and the animal parade later in the day. 

The Visayan Spotted Deer is a native animal of the Philippines; it is endemic to the Visayan islands of the central Philippines. This animal’s status is classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List 2004.
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