Awesome Amlan

Zambo Pen

The go-to-place for the town’s good eats is Zambo Pen, locally owned by Van Orillan. Van is the son of one of the town’s most successful entreprenuers, Rodolfo “Dolpo” Orillan.  Situated on the main highway in Mag-abo, the restaurant was conceptualized to create a casual dining experience that is well suited to great conversations.  The place serves freshly cooked meals that are a delight on their own and a variety of mouth-watering desserts made from locally-sourced ingredients.

Zambo Pen anchors its main offering on tapas and liempos, combined with appetizers and other great choices on soups and sizzlers.

To find out more about the restaurant, drop by and sample what’s on the menu.

website photos-4
Zambo Pen’s dining area

Zambo Pen

Mag-abo, Amlan


Local Treats

You can’t go wrong with her budlit (budbud with tsokolit) and she’s built a loyal following.  Tonya Omoso works her magic in her own home, and dishes the treat after a half day’s worth of work.  She accepts orders on a 24-hour advance notice.

website photos tonyaomoso
Antonia “Tonya” Omoso – the Budlit Queen
Delectable budlit pasalubong, courtesy of Tonya Omoso





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