Amlan Pasalan #amlanpasalan Silab  16.51km

Get in a wetsuit, put on a climbing harness for a day of canyoning and feel the rush of pure adrenaline. Or you can spend lounging around and getting soak from the fall’s spray.  The area also has natural pools for a cold dip.cropped-amlanpasalan.jpgMajestic and captivating – the proud Amlan Pasalan

Pasalan06Amlan River on its mad dash downstream

Ungon Cascades  #ungoncascades  Silab  14km

Long a hidden gem of the locals, this two-tier cascades beckons those daring enough to conquer the difficult terrain to get to the attraction.  Towering fern plants provide cool shade.  Allow the area’s atmosphere relax your weary souls and replenished your energies as you get to explore more of this amazing natural wonder.  Canyoning down the two cascades is a must for the intrepid.

Kan-Ungtol Falls   #kan_ungtolfalls  Silab 16km

A few meters from Pasalan, and smaller in size, Kan-untol mesmerizes in its own right.  Be warned though, as the area doesn’t have any mobile signal so you should be ready to get off the grid.  Now communing with nature is easier without all those distractions.


Kang Atid River Trekking   #kangatid   Silab  10.96km

Tight bends and huge boulders make this river trek adventure all the more fun.  A local guide can assist you maneuver some difficult paths and so hire one.  The Amlan River in this area has numerous swimming lagoons for those wanting to take a dip.Kang-Atid Silab Highlands-143041

Trekking right in the middle of the river is one bonus you can get at Kang Atid.  But immediately seek higher ground in the event of a flash flood.

Cantalina Falls and Naparil   #cantalinafalls  #naparil   Silab 9.66km

Another hidden gem in the ridges of Silab, this falls is the most accessible from among the many falls the town has. And for those who wish to jump off from a cliff into the deep plunge pool, be wary.  It also boasts an array of swimming lagoons, both shallow and deep that can cater to small and large groups.

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