See and Do

Everything you need to see and do in Amlan is arranged according to where the attraction is located.

Hover on the See and Do drop down menu and click on the barangay you wish to check out.

Tourist attractions are also listed below in alphabetical order for easy reference.

Adventure Park   –  Tambojangin    

Amlan Boulevard  –  Poblacion    

Amlan Central Elementary School  –  Poblacion    

Amlan Pasalan  –  Silab    

Animal Kingdom  –  Tambojangin

Asupri sa Maiti  –  Jantianon

Bio-os Marine Sanctuary  –  Bio-os

Cantalina Falls  –  Silab

Divine Falls  –  Jantianon

Kang Atid River Trekking  –  Silab

Kang Untol Falls  –  Silab

Lantawan Amlan  –  Jantianon

Lovell Beach Resort  –  Mag-Abo

Municipio Ruins  –  Poblacion

Naibid Cascades  –  Jantianon

Paphaan Falls  –  Jantianon

Paphaun Falls  –  Jantianon

St. Andrew’s the Apostle Church  –  Poblacion

Tandayag Marine Sanctuary  –  Tandayag

Ungon Cascades  –  Silab

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