See and Do

Dreamland Nature and Adventure Park   #DNAP

Just ten minutes from the highway, Dreamland Nature and Adventure Park (DNAP) in Tambojangin, Amlan beckons you to come and experience all the park has to offer.  The Nature Park features two sections:  the Bahay Kubo—a showcase of best practices in agriculture, and the mighty Animal Kingdom. Doubling as a rescue and conservation center, the Animal Kingdom is home to a collection of endemic and exotic wildlife.  There are so many activities for families, students, and all young at heart. At the Animal Kingdom, you can cuddle a lovebird while feeding it out of your hand; have a chicken dinner and a conversation with a Philippine saltwater crocodile as you feed it via a rod with chicken on a string—don’t forget to tell him about your day; and let’s not forget our curious albino python, who will give you a loving hug if you hang him round your shoulders. If you still want more then stay for snacks and the animal parade.

Equally as popular is the Adventure Park, which features the muscle-stretching and mind-boggling Aerial Walk rope course– if you’re not afraid of heights, we dare you to try it.  After successfully traversing the Aerial Walk, splash around and refresh yourself by River Tubing on the crystal-clear Amlan River. The park is open from 9am to 5pm, everyday; however, early birds’ get the worm as well as have the most fun—it takes at least two hours to soak in the park’s many wonderful experiences. See you soon!

How to get there:  Take Poblacion-Tambojangin Road (Amlan Municipal Hall crossing) and follow it for approximately 3.5km.  You know you’re close when the road makes a sharp left ascent.  Go up and follow the sign to DNAP.

Admission:      P100.00 Adult             60.00   Child

Tandayag Marine Sanctuary   #tandayagmarinesanctuary

Dive into the world of lionfish, stonefish, sea snakes catfish and more at the 6.58 hectare reserve just meters off the coastline. The sanctuary has been rated one of Tanon Strait’s best.  For beginners, snorkel sets can be rented out for a nominal fee.

Bio-os Takot Diot Marine Sanctuary   #bioosmarinesanctuary

Another must-dive destination in Amlan, the fisherfoks association managing the sanctuary has been very successful in rebuilding the local marine biodiversity and supporting local fish population as well as other endemic marine species.

Amlan Boulevard   #amlanblvd

Early morning and late afternoon promenades are a way of life among the locals here.  The boulevard will soon host an array of aquatic adventure sports.


Amlan Lantawan #amlanlantawan   

The summit provides an amazingly unobstructed view of Amlan, the nearby towns, as well as  Tanon Strait and Sulu Sea, and is a great refuge during the hot and muggy Philippine summer.  Overnight stays are recommended as once can witness both sunrise and sunset on both sides of Negros island.

Lantawan Peak partly shrouded by thick clouds on a sweltering overcast day.

Wayboga Festival   #wayboga

Borne out of the town’s desire to be smoke-free and encourage locals to maintain a healthy lifestyle, this festival is hosted every July and is participated by different schools in the municipality.

Amlan Pasalan #amlanpasalan

Get in a wetsuit, put on a climbing harness for a day of canyoning and fell the rush of pure adrenaline. Or you can spend lounging around and getting soak from the fall’s spray.  The area also has natural pools for a cold dip.

Kan-Untol Falls   #kanuntolfalls

A few meters from Pasalan, and smaller in size, Kan-untol mesmerizes in its own right.  Be warned though, as the area doesn’t have any mobile signal so you should be ready to get off the grid.  Now communing with nature is easier without all those distractions.

Cantalina Falls   #cantalinafalls

Another hidden gem in the ridges of Silab, this falls has multi-tiered swimming lagoons, both shallow and deep that can cater to small and large groups.

Naibid Cascades   #naibidcascades

Getting here can be a challenge but for adventure seekers and intrepid travelers, the cascades are worth a visit.  You can even rappel down and feel like the star of an action film.

Holiday notes

For a feeling of being really out there, where the natural world overwhelms your senses, ride on the several bike trails connecting the villages all over town.

website photos-3

If you just want to spend the day relaxing just taking in the beauty of turquoise water, take your pick from a string of black volcanic sand beaches from several choices in Mag-abo and Jugno.

website photos

For novel souvenirs, check the stall of Marina for her cogon-grass paper creations and Jovencio’s sea and coco shell products.


Grab a pack and put on your walking boots and go on a trek in Silab and Jantianon.