Quick Background

Quick Background

Amlan in Negros Oriental is gearing up to be the next ecotourism destination in the region as the town hosts a variety of natural attractions and cultural heritage, spread throughout its eight barangays.

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From the highlands of Silab and Jantianon where waterfalls, cascades and primeval forest abound, the coastal villages of Tandayag and Bio-os also play host to marine sanctuaries that are among the best in Tanon Strait.  Tambojangin, Jugno, Mag-abo and Poblacion also have their own share of charm and appeal.

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And the locals will amaze you.  With their quick and fast chatter, you might mistake them to be overly excited.  Not the case though, Amlanganons, whose hospitality is proverbial, are known near and far for their laid-back temperament and warm smiles extended to all visitors to the town.

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