Amlan Boulevard   

#amlanblvd  Poblacion 100mB

Brisk walks and jogs are popular early morning activities locals do here at the boulevard.  And if  you’re not the lark type, expend your energy at the beach volleyball court that sees teams battling it out way into the evening.

On Saturday nights, listening to acoustic rendition by local artists while sipping your favorite drink is a must do.  You can also choose from traditional snack  favorites to full dinner menu items to complete your visit.

Dreamland Boulevard (24 of 27)

Sabado nights at Amlan Boulevard.

Drone shot of Amlan Boulevard, with Mount Palingpaling and Lantawan Amlan in the background


Drone shot of Amlan Boulevard

Municipio Ruins

ruinsThe ruins of the old “municipio,” or the municipal hall.

St. Andrew the Apostle Parish Church

Amlan ChurchThe St. Andrew the Apostle Parish Church is built using brick and coral limestones.

Amlan Central Elementary School   

#ACES  Poblacion 100m

aces.jpgThe main Gabaldon building, at Amlan Central Elementary School.

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