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Quick Background

Amlan in Negros Oriental is gearing up to be the next ecotourism destination in the region as the town hosts a variety of natural attractions and cultural heritage, spread throughout its eight barangays.

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From the highlands of Silab and Jantianon where waterfalls, cascades and primeval forest abound, the coastal villages of Tandayag and Bio-os also play host to marine sanctuaries that are among the best in Tanon Strait.  Tambojangin, Jugno, Mag-abo and Poblacion also have their own share of charm and appeal.

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And the locals will amaze you.  With their quick and fast chatter, you might mistake them to be overly excited.  Not the case though, Amlanganons, whose hospitality is proverbial, are known near and far for their laid-back temperament and warm smiles extended to all visitors to the town.

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Welcome to our town!


Getting Here

Amlan’s entry points are from the airport and seaport of the provincial capital city of Dumaguete, half an hour away, as well as the local wharves of next-door towns San Jose and Sibulan for travelers from Cebu Island.  Buses from Bacolod and other towns from Negros Occidental ply the main highway regularly.

Schedules do change on a regular basis, so it’s best to check out the contact details below to get the most accurate information you need for your next trip:

By Sea

Cebu-Amlan-Cebu                           Maayo Shipping, Inc.      0354197371   09177107080

By Air

Manila-Dumaguete-Manila          Philippine Airlines            0352263177/78    0354224004

Cebu Pacific                        0352256850                                          

Cebu-Dumaguete-Cebu                Cebu Pacific                        0352256850                           

By Land

Ceres Liner – Vallacar Transit       0352259030 and 035225-0406                                                *        Ceres Liner provides connection from other islands in the Visayas and Mindanao                to Negros Oriental

Around Town

Tricycles, popularly known as “pedicabs, ” is the main transportation mode around town. Fare starts at P8.00, with discounts given to senior citizens, PWDs and students.  For out-of-the way destinations, it’s best to arrange with the driver before you start your trip.  If negotiations wear you down, Tourism Amlan (TA) office staff can assist you.

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The ubiquitous “pedicab.”

Fiestas and Special Events

In his book, “Culture and Community in the Philippine Fiesta and Other Celebrations,” Florentino H. Hornedo sees the Philippine fiesta as a “cultural anchor,” helping the Filipinos define their national character. “It is to this small community, that is annually recreated by the fiesta, that he goes home to renew his identity and sense of belonging—belonging to a home and familial village.” (



Help is always available at these locations:

Amlan Tourist Information Desk
Across from the Municipal Hall
Poblacion, Amlan Negros Oriental
Tourism Amlan office pic
Tourism Amlan Office
The Boulevard,   Poblacion
6203 Amlan, Negros Oriental

Maps are provided for free to all guests.

Map of Amlan’s tourist attractions.


Amlan road map
Map of the Animal Kingdom, Dreamland Nature and Adventure Park
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