Live Healthy and Live Longer!

A healthy lifestyle becoming a habit for many, is a tall order.  And with a dozen or more excuses to lean on to, it is indeed difficult to make lifestyle changes. When one gets to be frequently under the weather, has sleep issues, a cloudy mind, (feel free to add more), pretending that you’re okay,Continue reading “Live Healthy and Live Longer!”

Ino of Sibulan Cavaliers Team bags top prize in Tandayag Motorized Banca Racing

Fisherfolks and banca racers,  with cheering crowds of supporters, friends, family members, wives and girlfriends included,  headed to Isiw, in North Tandayag, Amlan to join in today’s  Sts. Peter and Paul – Tandayag Motorized Banca Racing.  Banca racing is an all-time favorite among fisherfolks here, and being a coastal barangay,  a sizable group of menContinue reading “Ino of Sibulan Cavaliers Team bags top prize in Tandayag Motorized Banca Racing”

Amlan gears up for July’s Wayboga Festival 2017

After weeks of brainstorming, the Wayboga Festival 2017 working committee presented before the Municipal Anti-Smoking Council, together with various stakeholders, the planned activities for this year’s event.  Not much has changed, but the good news that came out during the meeting was the increase in the budget allocation for the participating contingents, coming from theContinue reading “Amlan gears up for July’s Wayboga Festival 2017”