“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

According to the official website of CNN, Christmas celebration in the Philippines is known as the longest in the world and Sarah Brown, author of the article entitled “The Philippines shows the world how to celebrate Christmas” could not agree more, describing our country as a place where one can find “the most Christmas spiritContinue reading ““It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year””


I have never seen anything like it before and so my eager anticipation in checking it out myself became publicly palpable. The crystal-clear, aquamarine waters minus the offensive sulfuric smell, I was told, makes swimming in this lagoon a must for everybody. The travel bug has got the better of me again.  This is aContinue reading “Asupri”

Happy 68th Birthday Amlan!

Give me a break.  A lot of you readers would share the same impression that history is one boring subject to take.  And besides, who really is interested to learn about Philippine history, taught since elementary school with teachers forcing you to memorize facts, dates and all, with little historical significance and repercussion thrown intoContinue reading “Happy 68th Birthday Amlan!”

DANCE XCHANGE: An Afternoon of Cultural Expression Through the Art of Dance

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts – National Committee on Dance under the leadership of Ms. Shirley Halili-Cruz organized Dance Xchange: The Philippine International Dance Workshop and Festival with the theme “Cultural Connectivity through Dance” on April 27, 2018 in  Amlan, Negros Oriental, Philippines. This event is the Philippine celebration of the International Dance Day and in accordance withContinue reading “DANCE XCHANGE: An Afternoon of Cultural Expression Through the Art of Dance”

Keeping Calm Amidst April’s Activities and Surprises

Summer has not yet officially been declared by PAG-ASA, but the sweltering heat during the day is a naked truth that the dog days are here.  School is officially closed, the Holy Week observance is over and the month of April is welcoming us for some new and exciting developments in Tourism Amlan. So we’reContinue reading “Keeping Calm Amidst April’s Activities and Surprises”

Ungon Cascades Makes A Splash

  Amlan’s beautiful and diverse landscape is an overwhelmingly powerful call to explore.  This week we visited the upper reaches of Silab Highlands, a scenic area in which very few has ever set foot–this exquisite place is known only to locals as their “hidden gem.”  Near the famous Lantawan Amlan, our highest peak, this secretContinue reading “Ungon Cascades Makes A Splash”

The Next It Destination for Adventure – Jantianon Highlands in Amlan

What to do when a government agency gives you only couple of days, not a week even, to comply with documentary requirements for a road construction/upgrade project request?  Bring it on!!! Overcast skies greeted us last Tuesday morning, as we prepared for our planned visit to some hidden attractions located in the hinterlands of Jantianon. Continue reading “The Next It Destination for Adventure – Jantianon Highlands in Amlan”

Tourism Amlan Launches New Video Marketing for its Top Tourist Attractions

Before bowing to 2017 and saying hello to a new year, Tourism Amlan (TA) launches two new videos in line with its mission to promote Amlan’s top tourist attractions. We feature both the Animal Kingdom and the Adventure Park–Dreamland Nature and Adventure Park (DNAP)—in two short 2-minute videos promoting the beautiful landscape and natural offeringsContinue reading “Tourism Amlan Launches New Video Marketing for its Top Tourist Attractions”

Wowing the Judges During the Talent Competition of Miss Amlan 2017

More than just their pretty faces and lovely figures, candidates in beauty pageants now have to hurdle another pageant segment to showcase their natural ability to wow the judges.  The eight candidates just did that during the Miss Amlan 2017 Beauty Pageant Talent Competition last Saturday, November 18 at the Amlan Central Square.  The talentContinue reading “Wowing the Judges During the Talent Competition of Miss Amlan 2017”