Asupri sa Maiti

Asupri sa Maiti   #asuprisamaiti   Jantianon   20.9km The aquamarine water of the lagoon is enticingly beautiful and a jump from several points off the sulfur cliffs is a must-try for those looking for something different.  Nearby attractions, like the eerie Benguet Mining Tunnel and the calming pool of the Twin Falls, complete the day’s visit. DontContinue reading “Asupri sa Maiti”

Naparil – Cantalina Falls

Cantalina Falls and Naparil   #cantalinafalls  #naparil   Silab 9.66km Another hidden gem in the ridges of Silab, this falls is the most accessible from among the many falls the town has. And for those who wish to jump off from a cliff into the deep plunge pool, be wary.  It also boasts an array of swimmingContinue reading “Naparil – Cantalina Falls”

Jantianon Tri-Falls: Divine, Paphaan, Paphaun Falls

Divine Falls First stop of the three falls in Jantianon Highlands on the way to Lantawan Amlan, the town’s highest peak. Paphaan Falls Not to be confused with the higher Paphaun Falls, Paphaan does offer some adventure activities on its own. Paphaun Falls The most inaccessible of the three falls, Paphaun is as serene andContinue reading “Jantianon Tri-Falls: Divine, Paphaan, Paphaun Falls”

Animal Kingdom – DNAP

#animalkingdomdnap Tambojangin 4.5km Just ten minutes from the highway, the Animal Kingdom – DNAP in Tambojangin, Amlan beckons you to come and experience all the park has to offer.  The Nature Park features two sections:  the Bahay Kubo—a showcase of best practices in agriculture, and the engaging Animal Kingdom. Doubling as a rescue and conservationContinue reading “Animal Kingdom – DNAP”

Adventure Park (CLOSED – will reopen soon)

Adventure Park – #adventurepark   Tambojangin 3.8km The Adventure Park features the muscle-stretching Aerial Walk rope course– if you’re not afraid of heights, we dare you to try it.  Push your limits, face your fears, strengthen your self-confidence and problem solving skills  with this thrilling activity.  After successfully conquering the Aerial Walk, splash around and refreshContinue reading “Adventure Park (CLOSED – will reopen soon)”