Asupri sa Maiti

Asupri sa Maiti   #asuprisamaiti   Jantianon   20.9km

The aquamarine water of the lagoon is enticingly beautiful and a jump from several points off the sulfur cliffs is a must-try for those looking for something different.  Nearby attractions, like the eerie Benguet Mining Tunnel and the calming pool of the Twin Falls, complete the day’s visit. Dont be confused, guest will register at Ling-ab, San Miguel Tanjay City and will have to walk for 1.5km, cross the municipal boundary and back into Sitio Maiti in, Jantianon Amlan where the asupri is located.

The soothing aquamarine lagoon of the Asupri.
Crystal-clear waters flow from one of the sulfur rock openings.

Published by John-John S. Alabata

Tourism Amlan (TA) is primarily responsible for promoting local tourism products and services and collaborating with local businesses, the public sector, and other potential partners to introduce new initiatives to develop and promote a sustainable development for Amlan’s tourism sector.

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