Keeping Calm Amidst April’s Activities and Surprises

Summer has not yet officially been declared by PAG-ASA, but the sweltering heat during the day is a naked truth that the dog days are here.  School is officially closed, the Holy Week observance is over and the month of April is welcoming us for some new and exciting developments in Tourism Amlan. So we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty for some exciting tasks we participated in and several more to undertake this summer and beyond.

  1. Tourism Amlan joined the program launching of the Drug-Free Workplace, spearheaded by the Municipal Health Office and the Local Government Unit of Amlan.  Drug abuse and addiction are a sad reality and menace to our society.  Instituting this program, which includes unannounced drug testing and counselling among employees, seeks to address this problem.  For one, drugs do not have a place in any workplace, and Amlan leads in making this a permanent, viable municipal program.
Now is the time to make this a sustainable program for the whole municipality
Our guest of honor, P/SSupt Edwin Portento  with our Vice-Mayor Bentham P. dela Cruz

2.   An ocular inspection of a possible launch pad for paragliding, an adventure sport that is gaining ground in the country, brought us back to the highlands of Silab. Kim Vertulfo, the paragliding enthusiast, pointed out some possible take off points on which he will soon do some test runs to check their feasibility before starting to open the regular paragliding activity to tourists. I asked myself the question, “When was the last time I did something for the first time?”  Way too long ago, and I can’t wait to see my hometown from a new perspective.  Soon, I will be getting my own “wings” and fly away into the sky.  On the other hand, Silab plays host to several natural attractions, which have their own inherent adventure qualities that can entice adrenaline junkies and wannabes, and adding this proposed paragliding activity complements Silab as the next destination in Amlan in the forefront of the adventure sports market.

Soar into the sky and see Amlan like you’ve never seen before
Scouting the most ideal location as launching pad for paragliding activity
On foot as we scour around Silab Highlands for a launch pad

3.   All tourism and planning officers together with various stakeholders are headed to Dumaguete City for the 2-day Negros Oriental Strategic Tourism Road Map Workshop. The aim of the workshop is to “engage all LGU and tourism stakeholders in a workshop planning exercise designed to help the participants better understand tourism needs and create a buy-in for a provincial tourism approach.” (S. Tamano’e endorsement).

Regional Director Shahlimar Hofer Tamano with Governor Roel Degamo and some of the province’s bigwigs

4.   Up next is our Municipal Ecotourism Stakeholders Workshop. Amlan would like to lead in developing an ecotourism plan that focuses on responsible travel and community involvement in the whole tourism sector.  Tarche Collins, our US Peace Corps Response Volunteer (US PCRV) will facilitate the workshop by mid-month, which will bring together all key players in the local tourism industry.

Tarche Collins (seated middle),  the USPCRV Ecotourism Development Specialist will faciliate a series of ecotourism workshops

5.   Our office is proud to be associated with the Pump Cakes Club, the hypertensive and diabetic club of the Municipal Health Office of Amlan. This weekend, April 9, will see hundreds of runners who come from near and far to participate in the Club’s second hosting of the Amlan Adventure Run.  This run is in behalf of the members of the Club, and all proceeds will go to the purchase of their maintenance medicines.  So we’re encouraging all to participate in this worthwhile cause.

adventure run photo for website.png
You get fit and support a good cause.  It can get any better than this.

Who doesn’t get excited and apprehensive at the same time with all of these developments?  So, April please be kind to us.






Published by John-John S. Alabata

Tourism Amlan (TA) is primarily responsible for promoting local tourism products and services and collaborating with local businesses, the public sector, and other potential partners to introduce new initiatives to develop and promote a sustainable development for Amlan’s tourism sector.

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