Wowing the Judges During the Talent Competition of Miss Amlan 2017

cropped-rgm-6503.jpgMore than just their pretty faces and lovely figures, candidates in beauty pageants now have to hurdle another pageant segment to showcase their natural ability to wow the judges.  The eight candidates just did that during the Miss Amlan 2017 Beauty Pageant Talent Competition last Saturday, November 18 at the Amlan Central Square.  The talent competition was brought back to the Miss Amlan Beauty Pageant in response to the growing number of requests from fans and critics alike who argued that there is more to these candidates than meets the eye.

Any talent is allowed, and the candidate is given the creative freedom to showcase her ability, be it in dancing, singing, acting, and everything in between.  There are several qualities a judge looks for in a talent presentation.  Candidates’ performances are judged on execution and skill, technical difficulty, choreography, and overall impact.  The Panel of Judges was composed of:

Tarche Collins

Liz Foster

Bobbit Ramirez

April Angel Bersabal

Alfred Campoy

After the competition, the Pageant Committee announced the top three performers in no particular order.  The Best in Talent Award will be announced during the Miss Amlan 2017 Selection and Coronation Night on November 27, 2017.

Here are the candidates’ individual talent presentation:

Candidate #1  Rikah Nina Silorio

Candidate #2  Irish Mae Alparo

Candidate #3  Princess Ann Montecino

Candidate #4  Jennifer Gutib

Candidate #5  Cyra Mendieta

Candidate #6  Khaela Jean Turco

Candidate #7  Daphnie Ann Reso

Candidate #8 Rica Carolyne Sesnorio




Published by John-John S. Alabata

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