Awesome Amlan


I just can’t in my wildest imagination think of a town or a village without a fiesta celebration.  Everyone just agrees – we love fiestas, and we love the celebration as well as the excitement and the headache that go with it.  The fiesta is the time of the year when families, friends and colleagues get together to eat and drink to their hearts’ delight.  The occasion is festive, raucous, and everyone is in the spirit of one big party.  It brings home people who have left to regain their sense of belonging by meeting new faces, seeing old faces, and mixing both in an enthusiastic meet-up.

To the host families, this is the time to spend the money they’ve saved up for this day and dish out an array of dishes and desserts for the guests.  Nowadays, the lechon has become almost mandatory as it defines a party as its best. No guest list required – the fiesta is an open invitation.

We soaked in the spirit again yesterday, joining the thousands who headed inland to Barangay Tambojangin, for the feast of Sr. San Roque.  So yes, I made a valid excuse for the fiesta as my cheat day, threw my diet plan out of the window and promised to jog off the extra calories this weekend.

Having had my fill at both lunch and dinner, the rest of the evening was spent wandering around the “piryahan” for some good-old fun time with friends.  The “ligot” had me enthralled as a huge crowd was gathered around it to bet in.  Nope, betting’s not my game, but I was just as happy as those who placed bets. Everyone had an enjoyable time!  Up next soon – Basiao in Jugno!

* thanks to Lorelie Sun and her family for the sumptuous food.


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