Be Smart, Don’t Start



Walking for over three kilometers from each side of the town, LGU officials, national and local offices, private sector representatives, and residents from all walks of life converged into Amlan Central Square on Friday to commemorate the anniversary of the town’s smoke-free campaign, dubbed “Wayboga.” Started back in 2009, the town created the Smoke-Fee Council and imposed a smoking ban in all public places.

Amlan drew national attention for its bold move to safeguard the health of its residents, leading the town to garner national recognition and awards.  Now on its eighth year, the campaign is further bolstered by Executive Order 26, which ordered a nationwide ban on smoking effective July 23, 2017.

Later on Friday afternoon, eight junior and senior high schools gutted it out to claim the title of the smartest in the Inter-School Quiz Bee, and contingents showcased their best choreography in the Wayboga Festival Streetdancing and Showdown.

Kudos to the following winners:

Giant Mascot Competition             –              Bio-os Barangay Council

Quiz Bee                                             –              Resa S. Galapate  –  JNHS Senior High

Wayboga Festival                             –              Amlan National High School



Published by John-John S. Alabata

Tourism Amlan (TA) is primarily responsible for promoting local tourism products and services and collaborating with local businesses, the public sector, and other potential partners to introduce new initiatives to develop and promote a sustainable development for Amlan’s tourism sector.

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