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Biking was a kid thing for me, but I now take it seriously as a way of unchaining myself from the frenetic nature of my desk job and putting fun between my legs.   It is also a way of exploring new local places, those unbeaten paths known only to few locals who tread these tracks while fulfilling their day-to-day tasks.

I initially started out up in the rolling slopes in Jugno and Bio-os, two of the town’s villages, and was amazed by the green scenery carpeting every side of the road, interrupted only by broken patches of untilled land.   The smell of grass, of pasture, and manure and the rush of air filled my lungs and brought some inner peace that can only described as being in a rustic place.

I cycled further into Jantianon, past farmlands that spread in all direction, noticing thatched-roof houses few and far between.  I’m just a few kilometers off from the hustle and bustle of the highway, but here I am, engrossed in a verdure that eases a worried mind and calms the soul.  My witnessing the locals getting on with their lives in idyllic simplicity and whose demeanor and outlook are often marked and acquired by a day of honest hard work is in itself unmistakably gratifying.

I pedaled further and higher, bound and determined to see the town’s coastline in an interrupted vista.  The steep incline got me out of breath, sored both my calves and backside, and stiffened my arms.  Hoping to overcome the climb, I changed gears but was eventually forced to get off from the bike and trudged grudgingly forward until I reached a levelled meadow.  From there, I was rewarded with a panoramic view one can only get from up there in the mountains.

I was never disappointed in that afternoon of getting lost in the right direction but felt so small in this vast wonderful natural world of ours.

  • biking trails crisscross the whole town of Amlan and so you can start from just anywhere.
  • thanks to Jacky Baez and her family for allowing us to use their biking photos. 

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