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Live Healthy and Live Longer!

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A healthy lifestyle becoming a habit for many, is a tall order.  And with a dozen or more excuses to lean on to, it is indeed difficult to make lifestyle changes. When one gets to be frequently under the weather, has sleep issues, a cloudy mind, (feel free to add more), pretending that you’re okay, isn’t okay anymore.

So if you feel unhealthy, don’t despair.  Sulking in the corner only hurts you more. It is never too late to make that change- big, positive change.  Take a step in the right direction – a healthy lifestyle begins with just a few simple lifestyle changes:

  1. Eat the colors of the rainbow – leafy greens and fruits in all hues. The more color on your plate, the better. And don’t forget whole grains and other healthy options in your diet.
  2. Stay in shape by doing exercises regularly. Even an office setting is no excuse for not burning those calories you’ve just loaded an hour ago.
  3. Drinks lots of water and skip those fizzy and sugary drinks. Water refreshes and doesn’t add any calories to your system.
  4. Get enough rest. Studies show people who get enough slumber are more likely not to be overweight.
  5. Quit smoking and give your lungs a break. And if you’re worried about hypertension and diabetes, less salt and sugar in your food intake are the way to go.

Now that you’re clued-in, it is time to live healthy and live longer!


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